Solar power system Vs UMEME Backup system. Which one should you buy?

Solar power system Vs umeme Backup system

So you’re late from work, stuck in jam for hours, rushing home to catch your favorite soap on TV and before you know it, UMEME intervenes by making sure your night snows in summer. You’re thinking “I need to get a way of staying online even when power does the unthinkable! (actually the undesirable)

You call your kamyufu ‘electrician’ (some of us use Google as our most trusted electrician) for advice. Yes he does give you what you wanted! three options:solar power system Vs Backup system

For a long list of reasons for not buying a generator, you are now stuck as to which of the remaining two power banks should be purchased;

power BackUp or solar System

With the expertise I have gained in the solar power systems design, Backup system development and Generator installation for over 6 years, allow me to give you what I think will inspire you to make great choice.

First let me briefly explain both of these two technologies:

So, what is a battery backup and solar system, exactly? And how do they work?

A solar power system consists of Solar panels, inverters, charge controllers, and batteries. The solar panels keep your batteries charged. Batteries are designed to power specified loads in your home based on the requirement during the design process. if your power goes out, then the system can switch automatically or manually and it will get power stored in the batteries to run the assigned loads.

On Battery BackUp systems, Batteries are attached to a UMEME inverter – charger system, so batteries retain your electricity for a certain amount of time, depending on the size of battery and inverter. The only difference is that; in solar power system batteries are charges by solar panels attached and mounted on the roof (usually) while in BackUp system, batteries are charged by Umeme through the inverter-charger system(Grid power)

Now which one should i opt for?

Well the answer (based on expert analysis) will depend on only three major factors ( yes there are more factors but I have considered the most significant);

Upfront Cost score:

Backup system……………….8/10

Solar power system………….3/10

Solar systems have a significantly higher startup cost requirement compared to backup system. Including the installation time and requirement, solar power systems score 3/10 on the upfront cost scale

Reliability scale:

Backup system………………7/10

Solar power system………….8/10

Now both of these system perform well on the reliability scale, however solar power systems will be even more reliable as they are not affected by long power outages. Whether UMEME takes a vacation for a week, you’ll still have power on a daily basis. So solar power system wins this scale. (You can call it a tie)

And lastly but not least Horaaaaaay

Running Costs scale:

Backup system……………….3/10

Solar power system………….9/10

This is where solar backup systems are dropped out of the league.

As I briefly explained earlier, Backup systems require UMEME to charge the batteries. This means they have to consume your Yaka units every time to charge. Therefore expect your monthly bill to increase by a more than quarter of the normal bill.

So there you have it, Solar Power systems should be your power of choice when it comes to staying online after a power outage.

Are you a solar power system or Backup system owner / user? Please share your experience.

For any other questions, the platform is open.

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