Build an Eco Kitchen for Kathile Primary school, Kaabong District

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Help Fund a cleaner Eco Kitchen for Kathile Primary School.


Located in Northern border district of Uganda, East Africa, Kathile primary school has over 1400 Learners. It’s located 20km from Kaabong town . Like many other schools in this semi-arid Karamojong region, the kitchen at the school is one of the biggest challenges.

We are asking for your help to build Kathile primary school an ECO Kitchen that uses only a fraction of firewood in a smokeless environment.



Existing Kitchen Gallery:


About 95% of All schools in Uganda use firewood as the only source of fuel for feeding learners. 81% of these use ordinally 3 stone (or equivalent) means of cooking which is extremely smoky, uses a lot of firewood and slow in cooking.

This has affected the eco system by causing smoke related diseases for all kitchen users, driven the rate of tree depletion and put a heavy burden on the education system in many parts of the country.

Solution & Long-Term Impact

Masrcorp, led by a group of youth with a passion for clean cooking is championing an Institutional Cookstove Cleanup Project (ICC) aimed at transforming the way schools and institutions prepare meals for learners.

We believe having an eco kitchen for every school will dramatically bring down the rate of deforestation, restore our eco system as well as give each school an opportunity to save money, plant more trees and a better health for school dwellers.