MASRCORP, Think outside the Roof.
Masrcorp Ltd has for the past 4 years specialized in innovation, promotion and delivery of smart modern local kitchens in Uganda. The company offers a modern solution to the portable non-reliable charcoal stoves that incompatible with the highly growing modern housing trend. Smart solar aided kitchens are custom built, durable and modern innovated
We’re built to serve
We believe that our business can create a positive impact, and that we are very lucky to earn our livelihoods in a way that preserves our food culture while reducing the carbon foot print
We are Reliable
Masrcorp Team is filled with dependable, honest and reliable people. We keep our promises and strive to do it right the first time
We are driven
Each of our team members is passionate about our work. We do what it takes to ensure the delivery of the finest energy system and the best customer experience
We are professionals
Masrcorp has a bright future ahead. Our hunger for knowledge and continuous improvement keeps us at the top of this ever-evolving industry

We are on mission to

Accelerate regional transition to sustainable clean energy and clean energy based modern local kitchens  that; HOME OWNERS recommend to family and friends, PROPERTY DEVELOPERS prefer for their clients and INVESTORS seek for long term returns
Trees Saved
Happy Clients
Women Empowered
Empowering small businesses offset their carbon foot print

Working with organisations

Masrcorp clean energy based local kitchens use a combination of the abundantly available magma rocks at 70% and Biomass (briquettes, charcoal) at 30%. This combination is driven by a solar powered air system that pushes combustion air into it. The air system is mounted to a variable controller that regulates the desired fire intensity


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