We're championing an Institutional Cookstove Cleanup Project (PICC).

Project ICC is adding efforts towards SDG4, SDG7 &  SDG13
Greening Ugandan schools for a sustainable future

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According to 201 schools census

85% of schools and institutions use firewood for cooking

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PICC is Contributing to increased environmental protection in through the uptake and utilization of Cleaner Eco cook stoves, to reduce the intensity of pressures on the forest natural resource for fuel wood and the related livelihoods.

Discover how masrcorp is working with organisations to empower youth and women for cleaner cooking

We have worked with UNHCR, AIRD, GODFA and several organisations to train women and youth in production of cleaner cook stoves.
Working to preserve the planet and her people.

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Why an outside Local kitchen is a must have for any modern home.

Solar Aided Eco Stoves Schools, Restaurants, Hospitals, Factories, Masrcorp brings you a solar aided cook
3 burner solar aided eco stove kitchen with Oven

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Masrcorp Eco Stove Uganda Prices for the Kitchens The price of charcoal has more than
2 burner solar aided eco stove kitchen with Oven

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Planning to upgrade your kitchen with Masrcorp solar aided kitchens but wondering how Solar Eco

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